Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance Wytheville

Generator Maintenance Wytheville

Getting a generator installed is a big decision, but shouldn’t be the end of the story. If you fail to take care of your generator or schedule proper maintenance, it may stop working properly (or at all). Wythe Home Services offers comprehensive generator maintenance Wytheville on all types of generators. We’ll help keep the power on at your home or business and take proactive steps before the next power outage.


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Benefits of Generator Maintenance Wytheville

Wytheville generator maintenance offers many benefits and is well-worth the investment. Here ares just some of the advantages of servicing your generator on a regular basis:

  • Reliable Backup Power: Enjoy an uninterrupted power source during power outages
  • Stay Ahead of Costly Repairs: Regular maintenance helps our team of Wytheville electricians stay ahead of repairs and issues with your generator
  • Extend the Lifespan of Your Generator: Keep your generator running as long as possible and delay replacements with ongoing generator maintenance
  • Optimal Performance: Ensure your generator is working efficiently with a consistent power supply
  • Safety: Quickly identify and resolve any safety issues
  • Protect Your Electronics: A standby generator safeguards sensitive electronics
  • Preserve Your Food: Prevent expensive food spoilage during power outages
  • Protect Your Medical Equipment and Medications: Maintaining your generator can ensure you have access to medical equipment and refrigerated medications when you need them the most.
  • Stay Compliant with Your Warranty: Ongoing generator maintenance Wytheville helps you stay current with your warranty
  • Prepare for an Emergency: Stay prepared and take proactive steps before the next storm, power outage, or emergency
  • Enjoy Convenience, Comfort and Peace of Mind: Get the peace of mind you deserve that you and your family will stay comfortable, safe, and enjoy a fully-powered home.

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DIY Generator Maintenance Tips

We recommend calling one of our skilled electricians in Wytheville for all of your generator needs. However, there are some things you can do to keep your generator in good working order.

  • Run a test once a week and check for alerts
  • Clean the area around your generator
  • Check the oil or fuel supply to your generator at least once a month
  • Inspect the air filter for dirt and grime and replace as necessary
  • Check that the generator’s battery and ensure the terminals are clean and tight

Is Generator Maintenance Really Necessary?

Yes. There’s no point in investing in a generator and then skipping maintenance. A good, reliable Wytheville generator maintenance plan inspects your unit for damage, stays on top of repairs, prevents problems, and extends their lifespan. Without generator maintenance, you’re ultimately spending more on costly repairs and premature replacements over the years.

How Often Should I Service My Generator?

Schedule generator maintenance Wytheville at  least twice a year. Give the team at Wythe Home Services a call and we’ll schedule you for a service call. We’ll take a look at everything, run tests and diagnostics, and help stay ahead of repairs for the reliable backup power you deserve.

How Long Can Generators Last with Proper Maintenance?

The lifespan of a backup generator depends on the brand you choose and how well you maintain it. However, ongoing maintenance keeps it in good working order to power your home during an outage or emergency.

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Make the most of your generator with a reliable maintenance plan that stays ahead of repairs, tests your unit, and cleans and lubricates your unit. The investment is affordable and keeps your generator in good working order for as long as possible. Call the team at Wythe Home Services today for generator maintenance in Wytheville.

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