Air Conditioning Repair vs. Replacement

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Every homeowner will have to choose between AC repair or air conditioning replacement in Wytheville at some point. While no two circumstances are entirely comparable, there are a few variables to examine that will help you make a decision.

When to Choose AC Repair in Wytheville

We believe that you should choose between AC replacement and air conditioning repair services in Wytheville after considering a few factors. These are:

  • Cost. When it comes to AC repairs in Wytheville, there’s a surprisingly simple formula that’s frequently used in the HVAC business for determining the greatest use of your money. Simply multiply the age of the item by the cost of repairs. You should replace it if the total surpasses $5,000. 
  • Frequent Repairs. If you find yourself frequently repairing the same system, you should consider a new AC installation in Wytheville instead. .
  • System Age. If your system is less than five years old—a replacement is unlikely to be needed for some time.
  • Energy Efficiency. Newer units are significantly more energy efficient than older ones. If you need to improve your home’s carbon footprint, it may be worth it to get a new AC installation in Wytheville today. 
  • Safety. If your system is emitting carbon monoxide or using natural gas incorrectly, it becomes a health and safety hazard for your home. You may not feel like you can trust it again even if you get it repaired. 
  • Comfort. If your original air conditioning contractor in Wytheville didn’t install the right AC for your home, it might be too small to cool it effectively. In these cases, the only way to get the cooling power you need for your house is to replace the whole unit.

No matter what you decide to do after you weigh these factors, our team can help you with our AC repairs or air conditioning replacement in Wytheville. Give us a call to not only get a new AC unit but to get the best one for your needs. 

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