Common Air Conditioning Problems

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There are so many things that can go wrong with your air conditioner. That’s why you need a reliable AC company in Wytheville who you can call. 

At Wythe Home Services, we are happy to help you fix your AC anytime. We also offer emergency AC repair in Wytheville, for all of your urgent cooling needs. These are some of the issues we see most frequently.

Electrical Issues

The fan controls and the compressor can wear out, especially if the air conditioner cycles on and off repeatedly, as is usual with big systems. Electrical connections and contacts should be examined during a professional service call since corrosion of wire and terminals is also an issue in many systems.

Drain Issues

When it’s humid outdoors, ensure that the condensate drain isn’t clogged and is draining correctly. If window air conditioners are not positioned level, they may not drain correctly.

Refrigerant Issues

If your air conditioner is short on refrigerant, it was either undercharged at installation or has a leak. If it leaks, merely adding refrigerant will not solve the problem. A qualified technician should repair any leaks, test the repairs, and charge the system with the appropriate quantity of refrigerant. Remember that your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency are best when the refrigerant charge perfectly meets the manufacturer’s standard and is neither undercharged nor overcharged. Leaks of refrigerant can potentially be hazardous to the environment.

Sensor Issues

A thermostat sensor, positioned beneath the control panel, detects the temperature of the air entering the evaporative coil in room air conditioners. If the sensor is displaced, the air conditioner may cycle incessantly or perform unpredictably. The sensor should be close to but not touching the coil; carefully bend the wire that holds it in place to modify its location.

Maintenance Issues

Allowing filters and air conditioning coils to grow filthy will cause the air conditioner to malfunction and the compressor or fans to fail prematurely.

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