How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home

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When your lights go out, what do you do next? Are you scrambling to find flashlights, calling the power company to report an outage, and checking on neighbors to see if it’s just you or everyone on your street? Or does your Wytheville, VA home generator click on and keep your lights on and your AC or heater running? If you’re looking for generator installation in Wytheville, we can help.

The team at Wythe Home Services is here to help keep your power on, no matter what’s happening with the weather or your utility company. With some of these considerations, we’ll also help you choose the right home generators in Virginia.

How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home

1) Consider The Size of Your Home

The size of your home can directly impact what type of generator you need. Larger homes will come with a higher power demand. More rooms, appliances, and systems like Whytheville heating and air require expanded power capabilities to operate. If you want whole-house coverage, you may need a large standby generator to handle multiple circuits that can handle the complex loads in your home.

2) Consider if You Have Frequent Power Outages

Are you growing tired of ongoing power outages? If you live in an area that’s prone to frequent power outages, the team at Wythe Home Services may recommend:

  • Home standby
  • Large inverter
  • Large portable

Each of these types of home generators can power up your entire household by connecting to your circuit breaker and automatically running your hardwired appliances. This set-up will also keep your well pumps and sump pumps going, which is crucial during inclement weather.

3) Do You Rarely Lose Power?

Rare power outages are what you want as a homeowner but you can still enjoy peace of mind with a generator. To run your fridge or AC, a midsized or small inverter may be all you need. Your primary goal is probably to prevent food spoilage and ensure the safety of your medications. A small generator can also keep your TV on, help you cook dinner for the night or charge up a device without worrying. These smaller generators won’t run your entire household, but they will keep you afloat and prevent a disaster during a simple power outage.

4) Do You Experience Power Outages Every Once in Awhile?

Occasional outages can still feel like a pain if you’ve just filled up your fridge with food or have plans to cook friends dinner tonight. A large inverter or large portable generator keeps your home running without the expense of a whole house generator. You won’t be able to keep everything in a large home, but you will stay comfortable and can run critical systems and appliances.

Talk to the team at Wythe Home Services about your options and what you want to ensure stays powered up during an outage. We also offer generator repair in Wytheville and ongoing service as your go-to source for all your generator needs.

5) What is Your Desired Level for Warranty and Support?

Some generators come with a more robust warranty and support than others. You want a unit that is reliable and worth your investment. Rest assured, the team at Wythe Home Services only recommends the most reliable and durable products on the market. We’ll discuss your options, what to expect, and any potential rebates or savings. We also offer generator financing and repairs in Wytheville to help you make the most of your investment.

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